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This page is about our family.  To date, or family consists of my wonderful husband- Raymond, myself- Tinyla, our baby girls - Aaliyah and Cassidy,...and our dog Nikitta.  Raymond was born in Panama City, Panama; but his family later relocated to California.  His name means wise protector - and that is precisely what he is to me.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma.  I have no idea how a Panamanian and an Okie found each other and were married except to say - ISN'T GOD GOOD!!!  Aaliyah was born in Wilson, NC and is truly a joy!  She absolutely LOVES music.  Cassidy was born in Arkansas and is a very content little baby.  Nikitta is our little (not so little anymore) black pitbull terrier.  My husband found her - I should say she found him- at work one day.  She was banged up a bit and badly malnourished.  He brought her home to me and said, "I don't think we will keep her; but she does need to be fed."  Well, we have been feeding her for four plus years now...and she is more like family than pet.

Mama Ceasar, Ally, Me, and Anna

The Beckles

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Anonymous said...

Love the COEBA backdrop. We both met our wonderful husbands at COEBA. GOD is GOOD


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