Thursday, April 25, 2013

Answer Key!

Remedies                                   Ailment                                               Source

Red Rasbery leaf tea                    Hormonal Swings                                  HERE   (We all drink it !!!)

Almonds                                      Heartburn                                              HERE    (I use this OFTEN!)

Black Tea                                   Diaper Rash                                           HERE  ( I have done this!!!)

Castor Oil                                   Constipation                                          HERE   (Haven't had to yet!)

Yogurt                                        Yeast infections                                      HERE   (Suppliments work
                                                                                                                              well too.  Trust me...
                                                                                                                              I know!)

Ginko                                         Forgetfulness                                         HERE and HERE  (Ask your

                                                                                                     doctor or midwife.  I take it about twice
                                                                                                     a week and I did so with Cassidy and
                                                                                                     did not experience any problems.

Cranberry                                   Bladder Infections                                 HERE   *   

Mint                                           Indigestion                                             HERE

Protein                                       Fatigue                                                  HERE  (My midwife strongly
                                                                                                               recommends 80-100 grams a

Vanilla                                       Nausea                                                   Forgot source - but used this trick
                                                                                                  often when I was expecting Cassidy.

*When I was pregnant with Aaliyah I was plagued often by yeast infections.  My doctor gave me prescription medication; but soon after taking that I contracted a serious bladder (urinary tract infection - UTI).  The next time I saw him I told him about it and he replied, "Oh yea, sometimes that is a side affect of the yeast infection medication."  Then he promptly wrote me a prescription for my bladder infection.  When I arrived home, I threw it directly into the trash and went online to do my own research.  I started taking acidophiles (the culture in yogurt that combats Yeast infections) and cranberry supplements and drinking cranberry juice (As a child I hated yogurt and wasn't willing to try it again.  Now I eat yogurt almost daily...and I love it.  Great source of protein as well...especially Greek yogurt!).  Both cleared up after about two days.

Hope this helps someone!!!
Until next time,

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